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( Note #edcmooc blog, eCollege.me .) Ravens Kiss was set up as a production company in 2009, the name comes from Charles Bukowski's Rooming House Madrigals which is detailed below. There are many YouTube videos, 406 at the last count.

I have learned a lot and reckon I am getting better.  My favourite is Careless Love which is on this site HERE

Another one I like is Steppin HERE Along with one I made for Albany Down, great song and Dude is doing an interpretive dance. Notice how he steps on the road and how he clutches at his heart then hides his face, there are nuances I like. Listen to the words.

And using a background from Blue Mars and an animation from Second Life we have Sweat by Popa Chubby on the site HERE

I enjoy mixing animations.

Here I have a band animation with a Blue Mars background.Blues Me To Tears by Code Blue Band, great tune

The video that follows from the above  is without animations. See which you prefer

Then we have a video using one of my Dreamscapes backgrounds Stevie Ray Vaughan playing Little Wing


 For me videos are a glimpse into my world as seen through the eye of my computer.  With free uploads to youtube I can afford to be prolific. I pay for my domains 48 at the last count. gTLDs all (generic Top Level Domains) . Why? Because I can. LOL. My latest sites are:

pjfb.org just me

DQ.ie your digital quotient



Philip Finlay Bryan (dot) com  contains my CV and relevant links.

I blog and my most recent and up to date is

sl.IrishSecure.com the oldest is:


Ravens Kiss Blog is

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Full Text Available in the Library Here

All I know is this:
The ravens kiss my mouth,

The veins are tangled here,
The sea is made of blood.

All I know is this:
The hands reaching out,

My eyes are closed, my ears are closed.
The sky rejects my scream.

All I know is this:
My nostrils drip with dreams,

The hounds lap us up, the fools laugh out,
The clock ticks out the dead.

All I know is this: my feet are sorrow here,
My words are less than lilies,
My words are clotted now

The ravens kiss my mouth.

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